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Described by the UK CAA as ‘setting the industry standard’, Resource Training Solutions (RTS), is a
UK CAA, EASA Part 147 and GCAA CAR 147 Approved Basic Training Organisation.

Resource Training Solutions has been delivering Apprenticeships for over 17 years and has an established reputation as the leading training provider for the aviation industry with an illustrious client base and highest levels of accreditation. Being industry embedded, our Apprenticeship pathway is aligned to the UK CAA and EASA CAT A and CAT B licence categories.

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We provide the full career pathway delivering UK apprenticeships. UKCAA and EASA Part 66 Cat A1/A3 at Level 3 and Cat B1.1/B1.3/B2 at Level 4. Described by the UK CAA as 'Setting the Industry Standard'.

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Apprentice Recruitment

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Apprenticeship Delivery - Level 3 CAT A Certifying Mechanic

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Apprenticeship Delivery - Level 4 Cat A (or experienced Mech) to Cat B Certifying Technician

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Apprenticeship Pathway

Embedded Turnkey Solution

A fully managed service to recruit, train and deploy your apprentices through a full career path from Level 3 Cat A1 Certifying Mechanic to Level 4 B1.1 or B2 Certifying Technician. For more information on our Apprenticeship pathway click on the above boxes.



What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship allows an individual to combine work and an accompanying skills development programme. Apprentices gain the technical knowledge, practical experience and wider skills they need for their immediate job and future career. Apprentices gain this experience through a wide mix of learning in the workplace, formal ‘off-the-job’ training and the opportunity to practise new skills in an actual working environment.

If I employ an Apprentice, how long will they be away from the workplace?

An Apprentice must complete a minimum of 20% of the training ‘off-the-job’. Apprenticeship training with Resource Group involves an 8-month foundation phase at either our Kemble or Humberside training facilities, which more than covers this requirement.

How long is an Apprenticeship

An aviation engineering Apprenticeship normally takes 2 years to complete and consists of an 8-month full-time EASA Part-66 Category A programme, followed by a 16-month work placement (with their employer) in an actual maintenance environment.

How much will training Apprentice staff cost an employer?

As an employer you are required to cover the wage of an Apprentice however, the Apprenticeship programme costs are funded by a government levy introduced in 2017.

Employers can choose which organisation they would like to train their Apprentices, the levy is then paid to the relevant organisation via the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Is there any eligibility criteria for an individual applying for an Apprenticeship programme?

Apprentices can start the programme after the last Friday in June of the academic year in which they have their 16th birthday. They must also be eligible to work in the UK and have lived in England (or an EEA country) for the previous 3 years before starting the Apprenticeship.

They must not be enrolled on any other DfE funded programme.

Does an Apprentice have to work solely in England?

As long as the Apprentice completes at least 50% of their working hours in England over the duration of the Apprenticeship, the programme does not have to take place solely in England.

What qualifications will an Apprentice achieve after training with Resource Group?

City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma in Aerospace and Aviation Engineering
City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in On-Aircraft Maintenance – Civil Aircraft Mechanical
City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Aviation Maintenance

Where do I find the Safeguard Policy?

The policy is available here.

What happens at the end of the programme?

At the end of each programme, all Apprentices and employers are invited to attend a graduation ceremony to celebrate Apprentices success. This is held at Resource Group premises, with awards presented for academic achievement, exemplar performance, hand skills and a Chairman’s award.

Why do employers choose Resource Training Solutions?

As an industry-embedded training provider, we have delivered Apprenticeships for over 10 years and are an integral element of the industry trailblazer working group. In addition to this, we are on the committee for the Professional Engineering Institute and work closely with end point assessment organisations.

Is there a whistle-blower policy available to review?

The policy is available here.

Is there a Complaints policy available to review?

The policy is available here.