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Foreign Part-145 EASA Regulations – What you need to know

Foreign Part-145 EASA Regulations – What you need to know

Module 9 (Human Factors)

Module 10 (Aviation Legislation)


Foreign EASA Part-145 organisations must ensure that their components, engine and APU certifying staff, meet the User Guide CAO.0126-004, as part of the Safety Management System (SMS) application package. With this, there is a requirement for Component Certifying Staff (CC/S) to complete Part 66 Module 9 (Human Factors) and Module 10 (Aviation Legislation) training.

CC/S staff who are authorised by their maintenance organisation to release Engines, APU and components under the EASA Part-145 approval.

What does this mean?

As part of the User Guide, Part-145 organisations are now required to demonstrate that their CC/S have received EASA Part-66 Module 9 (Human Factors) and Module 10 (Aviation Legislation) training to Cat B1/B2 level. This is a one-off training requirement, rather than a course which individuals need to regularly repeat (for example, Human Factors, EWIS, and Fuel Tank Safety courses which need to be repeated every two years).

How can Resource Group help?

Our Part 66 Self-Study courses provide a cost-effective and high-quality solution, providing individuals with the required knowledge.

As the training material is self-study, individuals can learn in their own time, at their own pace, reducing the need to take long periods away from work.

After successfully completing a short online assessment, individuals will receive an electronic Certificate of Completion which demonstrates their learning, and fully satisfies the EASA User Guide.

What happens if my organisation does not comply?

Failure to comply with UG.CAO.126-004 could result in EASA raising a finding against the Foreign Part-145 organisation. For more information on the User Guide, please visit the EASA website.

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