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Your LMS

Manage, track, and achieve your business learning goals with Resource Group's Learning Management System (LMS). Empower your employees' learning and development with engaging and effective learning experiences that will maximise their performance. To see how 'Your LMS' can help you and your organisation, contact us today and request a personalised demo with one of our Learning Design specialists.

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An LMS for the modern workforce

'Your LMS' provides you and your organisation with total control and oversight of your training and compliance needs, giving trainers, learners and administrators an integrated and easy-to-use tool. With a growing reliance on remote and online learning, 'Your LMS' will empower you and your organisation to effectively integrate and train individuals across the globe. Suitable for organisations and teams of all sizes, our learning management system can be tailored to your organisations processes and ways of working. Due to its scalability and flexibility, it can grow with you, ensuring your learning needs are aligned with your business growth.

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Explore the full range of features that enhance every stage of the employee experience and ensures learning success.


Global servers ensure learners will always have access to their course from the nearest and fastest global location. ‘Your LMS’ places zero limitations on when or how training is available, even supporting offline access.

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Offering the ability to increase LMS capacity easily and quickly, from the number of students to the number of departments and teams.

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Your LMS can be made bespoke to your organisation so that it forms an extension of your own system. Additional functionality can be implemented into the system so that it includes the features and tools that you need to serve your organisation. ‘Your LMS’ really offers you a tailored experience.

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A wide range of customisable reporting tools are available that can track key compliance metrics and help you to take informed action using your LMS reporting data. These reports can be filtered and built specifically for your organisation to display the key compliance data that you require.

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Your training can be accessed on many devices including a mobile application. When connectivity is an issue, we have a solution with offline learning available. Learners based all over the world can access their training and learn on the go with this integrated solution.

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Your LMS supports multiple content formats such as video, documents, webinars, SCORM and ITL.

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Fully bespoke LMS administrator privileges can be designed based on roles and management levels. Critically, this ensures that the appropriate information is available to the appropriate individuals. You can use your administrator function to show course enrolment data, logins, saved reports and more.

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'Your LMS' can integrate with a number of industry-leading business software solutions, connecting the compliance and competence of your team with wider areas of your business, including HR and Finance.

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TAG Aviation UK & Malta

We provided an integrated and managed ‘Your LMS’ solution to TAG Aviation UK and Malta, that included the provision of bespoke eLearning design, development and hosting. An innovative approach was taken to incorporate TAG’s learning objectives, corporate identity and core values, to create and deliver eLearning for crew who operate their clients' fleet of business jets. The eLearning included different media formats like photos, graphical imagery and video, as well as technical examinations. We worked closely with TAG subject matter experts throughout to ensure the LMS reporting and compliance tools were in-line with their expectations, and fulfil the high level of visibility and oversight they require to satisfy their regulatory obligations.
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To complement and enhance its significant direct training delivery capability, Resource Group has developed a powerful Learning Design and Digital Solutions offering running through its iAcademy brand. The iAcademy offering is embedded in Resource Group’s training division which has a 20-year track record of approved EASA and UKCAA training delivery. It also deploys a range of managed services worldwide, up to and including turnkey solutions such as the development and delivery of fully capable training academies. Industry approvals are underpinned by the accreditation of LRTT Ltd by awarding bodies such as City and Guilds and EAL, and the highest of gradings by OFSTED. Through our in-house Learning Design team, we have the ability to design and deploy an extensive array of bespoke learning, considering our clients learning styles, cultures, environments, and the latest technologies. Our process-driven approach developed over time in the Aviation and Aerospace sectors has given us the platform to develop high-quality and cost-effective training solutions across many safety critical sectors, including the development of eLearning, instructor-led courses, and blended learning solutions.

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EASA Aligned eLearning

In addition to our 'Your LMS' solution, Resource Group can include our full range of EASA aligned aviation maintenance and flight crew eLearning courses. The eLearning material is maintained by our in-house SMEs and Learning Design team. Want the eLearning tailored for your own organisation? No problem, our Learning Design team can align our courses with your organisation's procedures and policies, so it is a true bespoke solution.

Cost Effective

A Learning Management System provides an organisation with an integrated tool to administer, monitor, and track their team’s compliance and competence. Transitioning to eLearning removes the financial and logistical burden of moving staff around the world to take part in training courses. 'Your LMS' can be tailored to work for your organisation, automating a number of processes and tasks to increase your organisation's efficiency.

Expert Support

Resource Group will not just provide you with an LMS. We will provide you with the training material, expertise and support your organisation needs to fully benefit. We are a UK CAA and EASA Part 147 approved organisation with a wealth of internal expertise and knowledge available. We are a smart supplier who will work with you to ensure you have a high-quality, cost-effective solution for your organisation.

Automatic Enrolments

Our Learning Design team will ensure that 'Your LMS' is set up to work for your organisation. With its high degree of flexibility and automation, we can implement numerous features to take care of the time-consuming tasks which weigh down your organisation. By understanding how you work or you want to work, we can ensure the system is optimised to deliver all of the information you require when you need it.


When working in a high-risk, safety critical environment, the competence of personnel is incredibly important. 'Your LMS' will provide an organisation the ability to track and monitor the compliance and competence of multiple sites in granular detail. You can view your entire organisation's compliance metrics on a single online platform. When paired with the bespoke reporting and metrics, 'Your LMS' is a powerful compliance tool for your organisation.

Learning Styles

Each organisation has different training requirements, preferences and needs, and 'Your LMS' can facilitate them all. Whether you require eLearning, face-to-face remote learning, or a blended solution, each of these can be facilitated through the system. This means an organisation can maximise the engagement they achieve through their training delivery.

Global Engagement

'Your LMS' can be accessed anywhere in the world meaning it is ideally suited for organisations with multiple sites. Not only can your organisation's compliance be monitored, but new regulations, training courses and company updates, can be rolled out with the click of a button.

Custom Certification

Whether you require one standard certificate for all courses, or numerous variants depending on which department or location has completed the course, 'Your LMS' can facilitate this. Certificate templates are fully customisable meaning branding, signatories, expiry dates, syllabus and regulatory wording, can all be included to meet your requirements.

Your LMS Packages

Part 145 Your LMS

Resource Group can build and deploy tailored Learning Management Systems for your Part 145 and Flight Crew teams.

Our Part 145 ‘Your LMS’ can include the following courses:

  • Human Factors
  • EWIS
  • Fuel Tank Safety
  • Part 145 Familiarisation
  • Part M Familiarisation
  • SMS

*Additional courses can be added*

YOUR LMS Packages

Flight Crew Your LMS

Our Flight Crew ‘Your LMS’ can include the following courses:

  • Upset Prevention and Recovery
  • Performance Based Navigation
  • Narrow Runways
  • Summer and Winter Operations
  • Weather Radar
  • Fatigue Management

*Additional courses can be added*

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