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Your LMS Features: Performance


Global servers ensure learners will always have access to their course from the nearest and fastest global location. ‘Your LMS’ places zero limitations on when or how training is available, even supporting offline access.

Your employees work in high risk, safety critical environments around the clock, all over the globe, so it’s critical that the training they receive is flexible and can be deployed in means which support their role. The ability to access ‘Your LMS’ across mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets allows training to be completed by all individuals regardless of their role. ‘Your LMS’ offers a flexible, secure and accessible solution wherever you are in the world and whenever you need it.

Your LMS Performance features:

  • Learning can be accessed quickly and conveniently, anywhere in the world.
  • Straight forward set-up for organisations of all sizes.
  • Scale up your system as your organisation grows.


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Explore the full range of features that enhance every stage of the employee experience and ensures learning success.


Global servers ensure learners will always have access to their course from the nearest and fastest global location. ‘Your LMS’ places zero limitations on when or how training is available, even supporting offline access.

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Offering the ability to increase LMS capacity easily and quickly, from the number of students to the number of departments and teams.

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Your LMS can be made bespoke to your organisation so that it forms an extension of your own system. Additional functionality can be implemented into the system so that it includes the features and tools that you need to serve your organisation. ‘Your LMS’ really offers you a tailored experience.

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A wide range of customisable reporting tools are available that can track key compliance metrics and help you to take informed action using your LMS reporting data. These reports can be filtered and built specifically for your organisation to display the key compliance data that you require.

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Your training can be accessed on many devices including a mobile application. When connectivity is an issue, we have a solution with offline learning available. Learners based all over the world can access their training and learn on the go with this integrated solution.

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Your LMS supports multiple content formats such as video, documents, webinars, SCORM and ITL.

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Fully bespoke LMS administrator privileges can be designed based on roles and management levels. Critically, this ensures that the appropriate information is available to the appropriate individuals. You can use your administrator function to show course enrolment data, logins, saved reports and more.

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'Your LMS' can integrate with a number of industry-leading business software solutions, connecting the compliance and competence of your team with wider areas of your business, including HR and Finance.

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What is an LMS?

An LMS is commonly known as a learning management system, which is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programmes, or learning and development programmes. The learning management system concept emerged directly from e-Learning.

How much does Your LMS cost?

Resource Group has a wide range of flexible pricing models that vary depending on your business needs and number of learners. For more information and to discuss ‘Your LMS’, email us at

How would my organisation benefit from an LMS?

Cost and Time Savings
Implementing an LMS in a business means the extra expense of instructor fees, travel, accommodation and general down time are significantly reduced or removed.

Improved Business Results
An LMS gives employees quick and easy access to engaging and high-quality learning solutions, which helps them become more equipped to excel in their role.

Instant Access to Training Material
Employees can access all their training courses on one integrated platform. With an LMS in place, employees can get immediate access to the latest information about company policies, new products, changes to legislation and news.

Centralised Data Storage
‘Your LMS’ can store all of your training courses and compliance data in one integrated place. This makes it simple for employees based at different locations or departments to access material and learn at their own convenience, i.e. anytime, anywhere. Every employee, no matter where they are located, get the same, up-to-date, accurate information.

Employee Performance Tracking.
An LMS allows organisations to view and monitor the development, growth and compliance of their employees.

How can an LMS help with compliance?

Providing your employees with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed while remaining compliant is of utmost importance, especially in high risk, safety critical environments like Aviation. With ‘Your LMS’, you will have access to accurate and up-to-date training compliance information across your business. Reporting can be customised so that the system presents the relevant information for your operation, and gaps in knowledge can be identified meaning learner satisfaction and achievement is increased. ‘Your LMS’ can also be used as a repository to host important documents from external sources, helping to keep a track of all student certifications for compliance and auditing.

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