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Level 3 Cat A Apprenticeship Deployed

Level 3 Cat A Apprenticeship Deployed

Building on the success of our standard Level 3 CAT A apprenticeship program, and in light of the clear financial constraints on the aviation industry as a result of COVID 19, Resource Training Solutions introduced a deployed program. The program was designed to support the industry, where the ongoing requirement to train the next generation of aviation maintenance personnel was even more important due to the loss of expertise and experience of individuals at the end of their careers.

Having spoken with our clients, it became clear that the desire to onboard apprentices continued to be a key driver for them, but the appetite to pay for the apprentice accommodation and support costs while at our training facility was not attainable due to the freeze on spending and budget cuts spread across the sector.

Our Training and Apprenticeship teams worked on a solution that would facilitate a “local” apprenticeship program delivery, meaning accommodation costs were significantly reduced and importantly, our employers could recruit local talent for their cohort. Our maiden Level 3 CAT A deployed apprenticeship is being run from Bournemouth Airport, for a number of local employers, totalling 12 apprentices. The programme was still a 2-year, fully compliant UK CAA and EASA Part-66 approved apprenticeship, but by running the apprenticeship this way, we have been able to save the employers up to 100% in support costs, making it a much more cost-effective solution for them all.

Being fully funded by the levy, the employers could still claim their Government funding whether they were a levy paying organisation or not. With the lasting impact of Covid-19 likely to be realised in the near future, we are confident this innovative program will be very popular with our employers and will help the UK aviation industry continue to remain compliant, fully skilled and growing once more.

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