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Level 4 CAT B Apprenticeship

Level 4 CAT B Apprenticeship

A key driver for Resource Training Solutions in Apprenticeship training is to provide both apprentice and employer a clear trajectory and career pathway for them within Aviation Maintenance. In June 2020, we successfully implemented our first Level 4 CAT B apprenticeship program, one of the first to offer this type of program within aviation.

Our 2-year programme allows more experienced and existing aviation maintenance personnel, to further develop their knowledge and skills by progressing from a CAT A (or similar standard of knowledge) to a CAT B. What makes this programme unique and attractive, is in comparison to our Level 3 program, the employer will continue to benefit from their presence in the workplace, as the apprentices spend more time on the hangar floor with their employer, as a significant proportion of the training can be done through on the job learning.

The apprentices gain Part 66 modules for CAT B1.1 (Foundation Knowledge), Foundation Competence (Level 2 Foundation Competence qualification) and development Competence (Level 4 Developing Competence qualification) through the EAL awarding body. Importantly, our programme offers apprentices both UK CAA and EASA certification.

Due to COVID-19, quick thinking and a number of innovative solutions had to be implemented to ensure the programme could still run and our military and business aviation operator clients were not let down. As a result, we leveraged our digital training capability and began the program as a remote delivery with the 7 apprentices being taught via Zoom. These ensured social distancing measures were always adhered to and our learners and staff, safe at all times. We have been delighted to see such positive results with our adoption of remote delivery across the business, with excellent student feedback being received.

Another very important factor for consideration during periods of remote training delivery, especially during times of lockdown, was the mental health of our staff and students. As a commitment to them, we introduced mental health and welfare support into all of our apprentices programmes. We also adopted a flexible approach to learning, which meant we could keep our apprentices on programme, something our employers commended us for.

As we continue to train apprentices to the Level 3 CAT A standard, we envisage a natural succession for both apprentice and employer to adopt the Level 4 CAT B program. This clear pathway, we feel provides the apprentice with a tangible long-term goal that they can work towards, which no doubt will increase their drive to succeed in what is a challenging subject matter.

Resource uphold high standards whilst providing a professional, friendly and informative service. Always happy to answer any enquiries we have, both ourselves and our students have found their service to be excellent. We would certainly recommend The Resource Group to any other employers considering using it as their training supplier.


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