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What is an LMS and why should I use one?

What is an LMS and why should I use one?

A Learning Management System (LMS) can be an effective tool for organisations delivering a wide variety of eLearning courses to a large audience. The introduction of eLearning has completely transformed employee training and listed below are just some of the reasons why any company delivering eLearning should have an LMS system.

  1. All of your eLearning content in one place

Instead of having your eLearning material stored in different formats or locations, an LMS will give you the capability of storing all content in one centralised platform. All of the information is structured in an organised way making it accessible to all users. Learners can have access to their eLearning courses at any time and from any place in the world assuming they have internet access.

  1. Simplified eLearning material management

An LMS allows an effective way of uploading new and updating existing eLearning courses when new information, case studies or topics become relevant. Changes and updates can be implemented across your user base with no effect on their learning. This contrasts significantly to paper based learning where new material would have to be printed and distributed to the users.

  1. Efficient training management and compliance monitoring

For heavily regulated industries like aviation, an LMS allows effective control of administration and communication will all users and of course content management. Users can be created, enrolled and monitored on mass allowing an administrator the ability to check a user’s progress and ensure they have completed the relevant training. Detailed reports can be exported to allow analysis of users progress, user performance and course issues. This is particularly important for industries where there is a heavy focus on regulation. This information can then be evaluated and the necessary updates made to the eLearning material which proves your organisations approach to continuous improvement.

  1. Personalisation

An LMS can be tailored to your organisation including your company logo, branding and styling. This can be spread across the whole platform including the system, eLearning material and any certificates generated. Additional bespoke requirements can also be introduced on a company by company basis to ensure the LMS is aligned with your organisations image, brand and requirements.

  1. Technologically Advanced

The system will allow the use of interactive tests, multimedia, voice overs and examinations embedded with in eLearning courses. These tools provide an exciting and innovative environment for users in learning new skills and information.

  1. Reduced Learning and Development Costs

eLearning will give your organisation the ability to dramatically reduce instructor and printed material costs. With the learners having the information at their fingertips on numerous platforms, significant savings can be realised against a more traditional instructor led training delivery.

  1. Integrates with Social Media

eLearning and social media can be easily integrated meaning users can share their feedback and performance with their peers, friends and connections. eLearning products can also be marketed through these channels making your courses visible to a truly global  and relevant market.

 Resource Group’s extensive aviation maintenance and flight crew eLearning products make up our “Online Academy” and benefit from being hosted on our LMS platform. This platform is the outcome of a long term development which has evolved and diversified resulting in an effective, reliable and secure product. If your organisation wants access to our eLearning courses, or your looking for a cost effective and effective LMS to host your own eLearning material, Resource Group would be delighted to hear from you.

 If you would like more information on how we can support you, please contact us on 01285 77269 or email stuart.johnson@resourcegroup.co.uk

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