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Resource Group Part 66 training – how does it work?

Resource Group Part 66 training – how does it work?

Achieving the status of Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is not easy. You must understand the effort, expense (if self-funding), and perseverance required to succeed within the aviation industry.

Our aim is to provide an easy, cost-effective and flexible approach to studying towards a Part 66 licence.

Usually, those wishing to book a Part 66 course with us will be looking to obtain one of the following licences:

  • B1.1 (mechanical, fixed-wing)
  • B1.3 (mechanical, rotary)
  • B2 (avionics)

For a B1 licence, you will require Modules 1-10, 11/12, 15 and 17. There is a slight variation between B1.1 (fixed wing) and B1.3 (rotary) in that Module 11 is required for B1.1, and Module 12 is required for B1.3 – but the rest remains the same. For B2, it’s Modules 1-10, 13 and 14.

We run each of these modules several times a year and they are delivered remotely via Zoom. To view our course dates and book, please visit: Part 66 Instructor-Led courses

We will soon be launching these modules as self-study courses, meaning you can study in your own time, at your own pace. To find out more about self-study courses and discounts, visit: Part 66 Self-Study courses.


At the end of every module, you will be required to sit an examination. You can sit the exam at our Cotswolds Airport site or, if you have chosen to self-study, you can take your exam with another provider.

You must complete all Part 66 modules in the relevant licence categories, basic knowledge examinations and any related practical maintenance experience, within 10-years from the submission date of your application for an Aircraft Maintenance Licence.

Click the links below to view our Part 66 courses and book today:

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