Fuel Tank Safety Phase 2

This course will equip you with the everyday challenges posed by the Fuel Tank Safety issues, ensuring continued airworthiness of aircraft as per EASA ED 2009/007/R issued in March 2009 and FAA AC 120-97A regulations.

£42.00 (exc. VAT)

6 hour(s)
2 years
UK English

More Information

Who is this course aimed at? If you are required to plan, perform, supervise, inspect and certify the maintenance of aircraft and its fuel system components.

The Fuel Tank Safety Phase 2 course is delivered in an interactive format that will guide you through all the required subject matter, covering fuel system safety issues.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to the SFAR 88
  • Investigation of historical events
  • Factors for fuel tank explosion
  • Consequences
  • Airworthiness limitations
  • Fuel tank safety and maintenance
  • Preventing fuel tank explosions
  • Service bulletins
  • Entering aircraft fuel tanks

It is a mandatory requirement to carry out Fuel Tank Safety Refresher Training every 2 years.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be issued with a certificate.