EASA Part-145 Familiarisation

The purpose of EASA Part-145 is to ensure organisations that engage in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircraft and aircraft components comply with the necessary safety standards and regulations.


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1 hour(s)
2 years
UK English

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Who is this course aimed at? All Part 145 organisations

The course has been aligned to the Regulation (EU) 2021/1963 amending Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 introduces new requirements as of December 2022 for organisations certified pursuant Part-145.

EASA Part-145 sets out the requirements for the organisation of the maintenance system, personnel requirements, facilities, equipment, procedures, and quality assurance to ensure that all maintenance activities are carried out safely and effectively.

Course Topics:

• Introduction to EASA Regulation
• Annex II (EASA Part 145)
• 145.A.10 Scope
• 145.A.25 Facilities
• 145.A.30 Personnel Requirements
• 145.A.35 Certifying Staff and Support Staff
• 145.A.37 Airworthiness Review Staff
• 145.A.40 Equipment, Tools and Material
• 145.A.42 Acceptance of Components
• 14.A.45 Maintenance Data
• 145.A.47 Production Planning
• 145.A.48 Performance of Maintenance
• 145.A.50 Certification of Maintenance
• 145.A.55 Maintenance Records
• 145.A.60 Occurrence Reporting
• 145.A.70 Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE)
• 145.A.75 Privileges of organisation
• 145.A.85 Changes to the organisation
• 145.A.90 Continued validity
• 145.A.95 Findings and observations
• 145.A.120 Means of compliance
• 145.A.140 Access
• 145.A.155 Immediate reaction to a safety problem
• 145.A.200 Management system
• 145.A.202 Internal Safety Reporting
• 145.A.205 Contracting and subcontracting

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be issued with a certificate.